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Pets Communication &
Pets Healing

My Animal Communication Journey

Surprising as it might seem, I did not use to believe in energy or crystals let alone being able to talk to animals. However, I kept an open mind to explore the world of energy work. I realised that energy is similar to our radio stations, if we do not turn on the radio it doesn't mean that they are not working. I spent 2 years learning the teachings of reiki and how it can be used to benefit the people and animals around me. Energy is something that we can see however is able to affect us in many ways . 

After being certified as a reiki master, I ventured further to learn the craft of animal communications. While I was already able to connect with my pets using reiki, I wanted to learn how to connect with them on a deeper level as well as to be able to see, feel, smell, hear or even taste what they want to tell me. As animals communicate using telepathy, I have to be able to control my own energy to connect with them. 

Ever since, I have communicated with more than 100s of different pets and many different animals as well. If you wish to have a conversation with your pets do let us know and we can arrange a session for you! Feel free to contact us if you have any further queries.

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