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Iridescent Goethite

Healing Benefits

Iridescent Goethite is an excellent grounding stone which connect to Earth’s vibration. It is constantly emitting frequencies filled with healing waves of energy. It aligns all the chakras together.


This stone has many advantages in terms of it’s metaphysical properties. 


One of the most beneficial qualities is its ability to heal through grief by diving deep into the self and digging up wounds buried within the unconscious which also helps to mend past emotional hurts and calms the soul for more important things.


It’s also a great protecting stone which shield off negative and balance out with positive aura. It is also a wonderful wishing stone which aids in bringing one wishes and dreams into reality.

Feng Shui Benefits

Iridescent Goethite is known to be a protection as well as a wishing stone. Commonly known as 'Leklai', it has the powers to ward off evil and cleanse one's aura. It is also used to attract abundance and wealth. 

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