Polished Agate Geode


Height: 7cm

Length: 10cm

Breadth: 6.5cm

Weight: 812g 



- Agate is an excellent stone for rebalancing and harmonising body, mind and spirit. It cleanses and stabilises the aura, eliminating and transforming negativity. 

- Agate enhances mental function, improving concentration, perception and analytical abilities.

- Agate also helps in relaxation and improves quality of sleep. 


Excellect for individual that are prone to: 

- Anxiety Attacks 

- Insomnia 

- Nervous

Polished Agate Geode

SKU: AGT00004
  • To maintain the lustre of the crystal: 

    1. Spray water onto the crystal to allow the crystal to absorb the minerals from the water. [Rain water, Mineral water or tap water can be used] 

    2. Dry the polished surface of the crystal to prevent any water marks. 

    3. Let dry under the sun for 10-15 mins. 

    If the crystal loses its shine: 

    1. Apply a thin layer of baby oil onto the surface of the crystal. 

    2. Let the crystal absorb the oil for 30 - 60 mins. 

    3. Rinse of the oil from the crystal. 

    4. Dry the polished surface of the crystal to prevent any watermarks.