Handmade Pet Collar for 1 crystal

This collar is suitable for daily wear, not with the use of leash.

Collars are handmade and crystals are intuitively picked. 

Crystals contain positive energy and is good not only for human but as well as animals. Animals can also suffer from negative feeling and anxiety that reflects on their behavior such as being aggressive and/or disobedient.

Do you know: Animals can sense energy better than human.  

For Calming and Confidence: 

Smokey quartz, Agate, Clear quartz, Sodalite, Averturine

For Love and Happiness:

Rose quartz, Amethyst

For Health and Protection:

Black tourmaline, Obsidian, Tiger eye, Carnelian


*Please check out another crystal for additional crystal to your pet collar.​


Size Chart:

Small < 25CM

Medium 26-35CM